June 22, 2009

Property Tax Exemption

Article ReminderNews: "Property Tax Exemption

VERNON- Mayor Jason McCoy has announced that Vernon residents who have served in the Armed Forces and currently qualify for the Disabled Veteran status will no longer need to provide annual proof of disability to the Town Assessor’s Office for a municipal tax credit. Under the new legislation signed by Gov. Rell, Senate Bill 848 “An Act Concerning the Disabled Veterans’ ; Property tax Exemption,” eliminates the requirement of annual filing for the Disabled Veteran Property Tax Credit. The new law benefits disabled service members who will now need to file appropriate paperwork once, eliminating the need for annual filing and making it easier to obtain and submit proof of disability. The law takes effect immediately .

Connecticut state law permits annual Municipal Tax Credits of $1,000 to be applied by the Assessor’s Office for qualified veterans. For additional information on this new law, and its affects on disabled veterans in Vernon, call the Assessor’s Office at 870-3625"

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