June 10, 2009

Your Reader-Submitted Articles -- Courant.com

Mayor of Vernon Jason L. McCoy
presents fire gear to the city Mao, Valverde, Dominican Republic.

Your Reader-Submitted Articles -- Courant.com: "Vernon
Town of Vernon Donates Fire Gear Government Announcements
Submitted by Leslie Campolongo on 2009-06-09.

The town of Vernon is pleased to announce the donation of fire gear to the city of Mao, Dominican Republic, on May 2 at the Hartford Fire Department Training Academy.

Mayor Jason L. McCoy and Vernon Fire Chief William Call joined together with the city of Hartford to present the equipment, consisting of protective coats and helmets formerly used by the town of Vernon to Mayor Odalis Rodriguez and Fire Chief Manual Peralita of Mao, located in Valverde, Dominican Republic."

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