January 31, 2011

Connecticut Mayors Round Table on Federal Funding

Connecticut Mayors and Connecticut's Governor

2011 Winter Meeting

Connecticut's Mayor:
Right: Hartford, Trumbull, Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford,
Center: Governor of Connecticut Connecticut
Right: Vernon, Shelton, New Haven, Bridgeport

Roof collapse at old Vernon dealership

January 29, 2011

January 24, 2011

Mayor McCoy: Dangerously Cold Weather; Urges Residents-In-Need to Seek Shelter

Mayor Jason L. McCoy today is urging residents-in-need of shelter due to the dangerously cold weather to call 2-1-1. Mayor McCoy is also reminding residents to use precaution and to be safe when going outdoors.

“Today’s dangerously cold temperatures should be taken very seriously by every member of the community,” Mayor McCoy said. “I ask that residents who are in-need or know someone in need of shelter call 2-1-1, a state system to help Connecticut residents who are seeking shelter. It is important that residents take precaution by avoiding prolonged periods of time outdoors to help ensure that residents are protected from the extremely cold temperatures.”

“I would also like to remind Vernon residents that local relief is available at the Cornerstone Soup Kitchen on Prospect Street until 6:00 p.m. tonight,” Mayor McCoy Said. “I urge residents to seek help if they need it and to help others who may be in need. We are prepared to open a warming shelter if one is needed. In the event of an emergency, residents should contact the Vernon Police Department.”

Mayor McCoy would like to remind residents that Vernon has two homeless shelters: Tri-Town Shelter Services and the Cornerstone Shelter. The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen is located at 15 Prospect Street in downtown Rockville. For more information and non-emergency inquiries, residents should contact the Vernon Social Services Department at 860.896.2375 or the Vernon Senior Center at 860.870.3680.

January 15, 2011

Article | ReminderNews- "Mayor looks ahead to new year"

Article ReminderNews: "Mayor looks ahead to new year"
        Just after attending the inauguration of Gov . Dan Malloy , Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy said he was hoping the new governor’s speech would include more information about what the state plans to do , as far as finding ways to keep its funding to towns . But , the mayor said , Vernon is prepared to do what it has to .

         “ We’ll deal with it , ” McCoy said last Wednesday afternoon , after looking over a long list of fiscal indicators .“ There are a few changes in there , but Vernon won’t likely be as impacted as some of the smaller towns in the area , ” McCoy said .
         Recent and upcoming contract negotiations with unions look like they will help the town’s bottom line , as will the recent consolidation of the schools’ and town building maintenance .
ECS funding , which is always a concern , appears that it will be the same , along with the state funds across the board .
      “ I was expecting to lose $ 1 million , ” McCoy said . “ Last year, they funded this with federal money . In this upcoming year, the federal money is gone . They must be seeing some type of increased revenue that I’m not aware of . ”
      In general , the early town budget outlook is good , as long as the state funding remains what it is projected to be .  “ Last year, ” he said , “ we really didn’t spend any more money , other than our health insurance . The problem is our grand list . We’re going to try to control the spending as much as possible . We want to maintain the services and control the taxes . ”
       McCoy , who has aimed at growing the town’s grand list through commercial development , said that the recent survey done by the commission re-doing the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development , showed support for development in some areas , but against it in others , which he expected .
       “ Fifty-one percent of the people would be fine with any development at exit 67 , ” he said . “ That’s what I was hoping for . [ Exit ] 66 has always been a problem . Nobody has ever wanted to see any development there . But , 67 is a key area for development . I think there is going to be some [ benefits ] for us there . ”
      Another challenge for Vernon will be the unemployment rate of 7 . 7 percent – one of the top 50 in the state . “ Our median income is lower , ” he said . “ I think we’re 150 out of 169 . That tells youabout what the community has the ability to pay . I think we have to create economic opportunities for those who are unemployed . Hopefully the studio in South Windsor will help . If we’re able to bring in any type of distribution , that will give people an opportunity for gainful employment . ”
      McCoy said he is working on funding to “ clean up” certain sites , to make them more attractive to businesses .  As for downtown Rockville , the mayor said bringing in more businesses and jobs is the key , and the revitalization of Roosevelt Mills is a good start .
Rockville General Hospital , although it recently closed its maternity unit , is looking to expand , with the possibility of using more of the space in nearby buildings that are currently unused or underused .
In response to criticism over decorum at council meetings , McCoy said he’s unsure how to improve that , but said it is better than in the past .
      “ I don’t mind being questioned or grilled on substantive things , ” he said . “ The amount of decorum people are complaining about is nothing compared to 10 or 12 yearsago , or even three or four . This is “ friendly” Vernon Town Council , compared to what it used to be . ”

Reminder News A look ahead

A look Ahead