January 24, 2011

Mayor McCoy: Dangerously Cold Weather; Urges Residents-In-Need to Seek Shelter

Mayor Jason L. McCoy today is urging residents-in-need of shelter due to the dangerously cold weather to call 2-1-1. Mayor McCoy is also reminding residents to use precaution and to be safe when going outdoors.

“Today’s dangerously cold temperatures should be taken very seriously by every member of the community,” Mayor McCoy said. “I ask that residents who are in-need or know someone in need of shelter call 2-1-1, a state system to help Connecticut residents who are seeking shelter. It is important that residents take precaution by avoiding prolonged periods of time outdoors to help ensure that residents are protected from the extremely cold temperatures.”

“I would also like to remind Vernon residents that local relief is available at the Cornerstone Soup Kitchen on Prospect Street until 6:00 p.m. tonight,” Mayor McCoy Said. “I urge residents to seek help if they need it and to help others who may be in need. We are prepared to open a warming shelter if one is needed. In the event of an emergency, residents should contact the Vernon Police Department.”

Mayor McCoy would like to remind residents that Vernon has two homeless shelters: Tri-Town Shelter Services and the Cornerstone Shelter. The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen is located at 15 Prospect Street in downtown Rockville. For more information and non-emergency inquiries, residents should contact the Vernon Social Services Department at 860.896.2375 or the Vernon Senior Center at 860.870.3680.

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