June 22, 2009

Conservation Plan Update Article | ReminderNews

Article ReminderNews: "In accordance with state statutes, the POCD, which guides land use, must be updated every 10 years, or the town could lose funding. Vernon’s 10-year cycle ends as of July 1, 2010."

Mayor Jason McCoy said the first two phases have been reserved, for a total of $76,000. For fiscal year 2010, phase three of $38,000 has been adopted, for a potential total of $114,000 for first three of the five phases of the project.

Part of the negotiations are for the town to use some of its own resources, such as the Geographic Information System (GIS), to defray some costs. Mc-Coy indicated the town may also seek the help of a different firm for the public polling, to save more money.

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