August 10, 2009

Vernon GOP Chooses McCoy

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Vernon GOP Chooses McCoy

Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy accepted the GOP nomination for a second term as Vernon's Mayor on Tuesday, July 28, by thanking the group for allowing him to serve as Vernon's mayor. The mayor said he's looking to continue to control government spending, offer better schools, make our streets safer and use common sense in governance.

Receiving the GOP nomination for the board of education are incumbents George Apel and Anne Fisher for four-year terms, and Laura Bush and Vicki Rispoli for two-year terms for the Board of Education. The GOP candidates for Vernon Town Council are Deputy Mayor Brian Motola, Mark Etre, Dan Anderson, Bill Campbell, Harry Thomas, Sean O'Shea, Judy Hany and Dan Champagne.

Mayor McCoy said this was incredible group and it will be his privilege to run with them.

Mayor McCoy pointed to the last two approved budgets, which held the line on increased spending by .85 percent in the face of the repayment of money from the 2005 bonding project. He also cited a lower tax rate; creation of technology for better citizen access to service; the town's bridges which are completed, under construction or in design; a proposed energy improvement district; implementation of a policy to decrease governments usage of energy and fuel through implementation of no idling rules, key hold accountability, synthetic oil usage, bringing single stream recycling to Vernon, passage of an ordinance for a tax exemption for hybrid vehicles to encourage citizens to buy vehicles that would reduce reliance on fossil fuel.

McCoy explained how he fought for Vernon and other towns in Connecticut to reduce CRRA tipping fees or garbage disposal fees which reduced costs for towns. McCoy also procured grants to replace Vernon Vehicles with hybrid vehicles to reduces fuel usage, save money and protect our environment.

McCoy worked on the relationship with the members of the board of education, prompting a rule passed by the BOE that stopped transfer of funds without BOE approval, a huge step in controlling spending and transparency for the citizens of the town. The council, BOE and the mayor relationship saved nearly $1,000,000 for taxpayers, according to the Vernon Republicans.

"To me, these things are important," Mayor McCoy said.

State Senator Anthony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, called McCoy a capable mayor who has done skilled work to control spending in a tough economy. "Competence counts and Mayor McCoy is more than just competent," he said.

"Mayor McCoy and our ticket have experience, they offer what Vernon needs now- good fiscal sense, they have done an amazing job in these tough economic times," said GOP Chairman Hal Cummings.

Submitted by Nancy Osborn Of The Vernon Republican Town Committee on 2009-08-06.

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