October 16, 2010

Tom Foley Endorsed by the New Haven Register | Tom Foley for Governor | More Jobs, Not More Taxes | TomFoley2010.com

Tom Foley Endorsed by the New Haven Register Tom Foley for Governor More Jobs, Not More Taxes TomFoley2010.com

Tom Foley Endorsed by the New Haven Register
October 13th, 2010
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The New Haven Register has endorsed Tom Foley for Governor in the November 2 election.

“I am very pleased to have the endorsement of the New Haven Register,” said Tom Foley. “The New Haven Register cuts through the untruths coming from Dannel’s campaign and focuses on the plans and qualifications of each candidate. Their conclusion that my plans for Connecticut, my business background, and my truthfulness make me the candidate voters should choose on November 2nd is very gratifying.” Here is what the New Haven Register is saying about Tom:

“We have found Foley to be the more forthright of the two candidates.”“Foley’s record as a business executive is commendable. His business skills in increasing productivity while keeping an eye on costs are needed in the governor’s office.”“Foley has proposed having state agencies bid against private contractors for provision of services. The potential savings are enormous.”“Malloy supports and Foley opposes two measures that would add to the perception of Connecticut as a high cost state that is hostile to business.”“If Malloy is elected governor, he will abolish the death penalty. Foley supports the death penalty. Abolition of the death penalty would mean that the perpetrators of truly heinous crimes — like the Cheshire home invasion, rape and triple murder — would escape the only fitting punishment. Indeed, passage of the law, blocked only by Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s veto in 2009, would surely complicate any appeal by either of the accused Cheshire killers if they are sentenced to death.”The New Haven Register believes Tom is better suited to be Governor of Connecticut than the former Mayor of Stamford. Here is what the paper had to say about Dannel Malloy:

“Malloy has said ‘everything is on the table’ to balance the budget, but on a state employee union questionnaire stated he would not support layoffs of any of the state government’s some 55,000 workers.”“Despite denials in public debates that he would raise taxes, Malloy supports increasing tax rates for the wealthy as well as a possible state tax on Internet sales, which could net $150 million in revenue.”“Where Foley would reduce the size of government, Malloy has a more expansive view of government that envisions, for example, $50 million in spending by a new port authority whose duties would overlap those of the already existing state Maritime Commission. This commission is responsible for developing a long-term strategic plan for state ports. The need for the extra layer of bureaucracy is doubtful.”Quotes from the New Haven Register were taken from their endorsement of Tom Foley and can be found at http://www.nhregister.com/articles/2010/10/10/opinion/doc4cb134122f242024349024.txt

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