October 23, 2010

Rell hits airwaves for Her choice for Governor

Journal Inquirer Politics & Government Rell hits airwaves for Republicans

At the end of the day Governor Rell knows better than anyone who is the best choice for Governor. Who is the best choice to replace her? Governor Rell has always sought the advice of Mayors and First Selectman both republican and democrat around the state during the budget crisis. Governor Rell fought for as longs as she felt comfortable, while watching local governments suffer, observing our citizens suffering, watching businesses close down, seeing private sector jobs dry up, all resulting in a diminished tax based and lost revenue- why? It is due to the legislative Jonathan Pelto Style politics in the General Assembly. It has been just politics, not policy that comes out of the legislature, no longer are they part time legislators as they are supposed to be but they act as full time appropriators.

When the Governor decided to retire, I was upset. Not with the Governor, but with my understanding that she retired because there was a lack of concern by the majority of elected officials in the legislature who will act like a bunch of political zealots with the mentality of a kamikaze pilot. The dangerous majority just does not care about the State and our situation.

Today the legislatures agenda, is no longer that of law making on a part time basis, it is 100 percent partisan politics, 100 percent of the time, it is an attitude without concern for the greater good, now contrast that to Governor Rell who has a nurturing style, logical concern for the state first, her concern for the greater good, an obligation to manage the state and by law balance a budget that funds services based upon revenues. Governor Rell's choice not to run again, her choice to wait to support a candidate for Governor, even during the primary, her history in the past of working with Mayors and First Selectman of both parties, must mean that Tom Foley is the candidate we can trust to take over and fix this mess.

I'm sure Governor Rell believes in Tom Foley, otherwise she would have said nothing. Listen to her message in the radio ad, it's an honest assessment and it just makes sense.

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