November 1, 2010

Journal Inquirer Letters To The Editor Oct. 29

Journal Inquirer Letters To The Editor Oct. 29

McCoy’s picks

I ask that you join me to support Tom Foley for governor, Jeff Wright for treasurer, Jerry Farrell for secretary of the state, Tony Guglielmo for state Senate, and Mark Etre and Tim Ackert for state representative.

The state has been operating the government through borrowing, there is not enough revenue to pay operations from taxation, our bond rating has been lowered, there is too much spending to meet our obligations. We need more private sector jobs and businesses and no more taxes. Our state legislature has chosen to operate its day to day governmental operation by borrowing or securitizing future revenues. In fact, nearly 20 percent of your town’s budget is funded by state revenue. The wasteful spending and irresponsible borrowing at the state level, if not stopped, will either force towns to raise taxes, reduce services, or both.

There needs to be real change.

Foley as governor is Connecticut’s key to more jobs and less taxes. Foley has saved jobs in his career by bringing back distressed businesses. He has reorganized businesses to the point where those companies and their employees have survived. Don’t believe his opponent’s paid TV ads.

The time is right for Foley to fix the mess the state is in. We need a governor who has a universal view of how to operate our government.

Jeff Wright, a certified financial planner and mayor of Newington, is the choice for state treasurer. The treasurer has the power to refuse to issue borrowing or bonds for operation. The treasurer has the duty as a fiduciary to make sound investments of state taxpayer monies. Our sitting treasurer has never exercised that power. The sitting treasurer has invested in risky investments, losing millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

Our teachers and state employee pension funds are at risk under the sitting treasurer. To avoid another taxpayer bailout we need to elect Wright. To ensure Connecticut will be a place to start a business and for more jobs support Wright.

Guglielmo, our state senator, has a history of voting against waste, borrowing, and anti-job killing regulations. Etre and Ackert are the key to a balanced budget and the end of wasteful borrowing. We need all three in the legislature.

Jason L. McCoy

The writer is mayor of Vernon.

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