November 13, 2010

Fall foliage at Webster Preserve & Valley Falls, Vernon CT - Hartford hiking |

Fall foliage at Webster Preserve & Valley Falls, Vernon CT - Hartford hiking "Fall foliage at Webster Preserve & Valley Falls, Vernon CT"

""Nothing more exciting than a hike up a mountain with a view as your goal. This is a real good challenge and heart healthy workout! You can find the mile long hike pretty spectacular right now for fall foliage! With excellent weather on any fall day, you can make this an outstanding hike. The bad part is it may be over real soon.

The leaves are dissapearing fast as winter approaches. For an exhilarating hik, an elevated heart rate and great views of the valley below. Hike up the Webster Preserve trail; that can be found with a quick trip off I-84 exit 66, to Valley Falls road in Vernon CT.

Valley Falls is nice for family hikers or day walkers, but Webster Preserve is for the hearty hiker. A one mile walk up hill along a fire road designated by four different trail markers. Blue Red, Blue, White, and Blue Yellow. All this and an outstanding valley view you as you ascend this hill. The trees change color fast as you start your walk at the base of the mountain. There is a dedicated off road parking (rough spot) for two or three cars, head up through the evergreens and along the ridges here. Noticeable to the left is the ever expanding Valley below.

Catch your breath at the benches just above Valley Falls (great view), then go up and cross the Rail Trail then head up the fire road. Mountain laurel is abundant among the craggy rock formations and rock outcroppings. The longer you walk the more you will notice the noise free silence. You can spot turkey buzzards up here, hawks and other birds of prey here.

Follow the white path to your left as it crosses onto the blue trail. If your unsure stay on the mountain road and head to the top. You can always try going down hill via the white trail, blue trail etc. on way back. You won't get lost if you stick to the trails or the fire road. Bring a flashlight if you head up here at dusk, as the mounatin above and behind this place cast a very long shadow and when it's moonless it is very dark up here.""

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