December 4, 2009

Mayors Against Mandates: Cut This! | NBC Connecticut

Mayors Against Mandates: Cut This! NBC Connecticut: "The task force has no tolerance for the cut in aid, but plenty of suggestions for easing the mandates. One mayor even brought a list, starting with school days.
Jason McCoy, the mayor of Vernon and member of the Governor's same party, read: '180 days and 900 hours.' He continued, 'If it said 180 days OR 900 hours, we could lengthen the day.' Fewer school days would save millions of dollars in building costs, he said.
'We went to a four-day work week and saved a ton of money in building costs,' said Mayor Mark Boughton, another Republican from Danbury.
McCoy said his department heads came up with mandate reforms ranging from pennies to real dollars. They include: letting police off some of the training requirements, charging more for police reports, letting the water company eat some of the million dollars it costs for fire hydrant inspections, allowing real estate conveyance taxes on foreclosures, allowing cities and towns to collect bed taxes from motels, and giving town councils authority over how public schools transfer money between line items."

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