February 27, 2011

Vernon: Less Than 1 Percent Increase In 2010 Vernon Grand List - Courant.com

Vernon: Less Than 1 Percent Increase In 2010 Vernon Grand List - Courant.com

By JOSEPH A. O'BRIEN JR., Special to The Courant
The Hartford Courant
9:12 PM EST, February 26, 2011

VERNON —A less than 1 percent increase in the assessed value of all taxable property in town last year is another reason local officials will be looking to hold the line on spending in the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

Mayor Jason L. McCoy said the value of the Oct. 1, 2010, grand list is $1,910,783,339 — an increase of $16.1 million, or 0.85 percent, over the list's value on Oct. 1, 2009.

Residential real estate increased by $8.16 million, but the value of industrial and commercial property went down. Industrial real estate fell in value by $1.29 million in just one year and commercial real estate fell by $127,060.

The total value of apartments and other rental properties increased by $2.01 million.

The value of personal property, which includes machinery and business equipment, also fell last year, by $2.15 million to $72.29 million, a decrease of 0.29 percent.

There are 25,996 motor vehicles listed that account for roughly 8.5 percent, or $163,075,129, of all the taxable property in town. The $9.54 million increase in value of motor vehicles was due primarily to used vehicles, which increased in value by $7.91 million. Vehicles added to the list, new or used, increased the total value of the motor vehicle list by $1.62 million.

The total value of motor vehicles on the list is just under the combined assessed value of property owned by the town's top-10 taxpayers. The total assessed value of property owned by the top 10 is $186,378,330.

The top 10 taxpayers in town are: 
The Mansions, $47,754,460; 
Tri City Improvements LLC, $30,295,590; 
Woodbrook LLC/EKE/EES, $21,516,740; 
Connecticut Water Co., $20,011,880; 
Connecticut Light & Power Co. & Yankee Gas, and Connecticut Natural Gas, $19,022,250; 
CE Vernon LLC $15,571,120; 
Chapman Acres, $9,004,930; BostonVernon/BostonRockville, $8,662,150; Park West Residents Association, $7,684,030; and 
Kerensky, Schneider Trustees, $6,855,180

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