December 22, 2010

Thank You - Vernon Town Council and Board of Education

I want to thank the Vernon BOE and Vernon Town Council for working together for the benefit of Vernon's Citizens. Last night the Town Council adopted the proposal to allow the consolidation of management of maintenance of Town Facilities and School Facilities and Grounds.  When the concept was originally brought to the BOE there was union push back but after several months an agreement was reached with labor. The BOE adopted the proposal after evaluation as a pilot and sent it to the Vernon Town Council.  Last night the Town Council adopted the proposal.

Now educator can educate,  taxpayers save, Vernon benefits with a huge boost in buying power for the town, increased BOE storage for purchases.  We will see better facilities because our focus at the town is on management of grounds and facilities and the BOE is on Education of our kids.  

Really historic.  Vernon is the first .  Again thank you Town Council members and Board of Education members.  Amazing cooperation and patients.

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