September 15, 2010

Democrats Still Aim for Vote on How To Raising Our Taxes -

5 Percent really? 5 Percent really? A pay cut issued by Congress to everyone, after your employer had to reduce your pay so you could keep your job. Do not be fooled. It is not only the top rate, Right.  But it is 5% no matter what income level your are at. 35% to 40%, Really?  How about the Congress stops spending so much money and then they will not need to raise taxes by 5%.  Stop spending, stop bailing out, stop paying off labor and inflating salaries before the mid term elections, then Congress will not even be a debating about taking 5% out of your paycheck.

Democrats Still Aim for Vote on Taxes - "Democrats have been leery of voting on a partial extension of the Bush tax cuts this year, despite support from President Barack Obama and House and Senate leaders. The president's plan would extend tax cuts indefinitely for families making less than $50,000, while allowing marginal tax rates to rise for income earned above that level. The top rate would return to 40% from 35%."

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