August 15, 2010

Poll: McMahon gains on Blumenthal

Journal Inquirer Page One Poll: McMahon gains on Blumenthal

It looks like Linda McMahon is really moving on The senate seat. She has to be the hardest working candidate ever. Linda McMahon is at every event around the state. I don't know how she keeps up the schedule. There is a misconception out there that Mrs. McMahon is just paying for mailings and TV- wrong!! Mrs McMahon is out doing it the old fashion way, she goes to events, she speaks to everyone, it could be an event with 20 people or 200 people. I have had the pleasure of listening to her speak to folks one on one, in Vernon, Canton, Enfield- on several occasions.

Mrs. McMahon campaigns like Scott Brown did in MA. There is no wonder she is moving closer. She has a great message. She embodies the American dream, she understands life from all perspectives. Just like all of us, she is not perfect. From bankruptcy to a billionaire.

"Poll: McMahon gains on Blumenthal
By Journal Inquirer Staff
Published: Saturday, August 14, 2010 9:44 AM EDT
Poll: McMahon gains on Blumenthal

By Journal Inquirer Staff

Linda S. McMahon, the Republican U.S. Senate hopeful, has closed the gap to 7 percentage points against Democratic rival Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, according to the first poll released since ....

Blumenthal would receive 47 percent of the vote and McMahon would earn 40 percent, according to the poll from Rasmussen Reports. Five percent said they prefer another candidate and 7 percent said they’re undecided"

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