October 21, 2009

Is David Norman of Vernon CT a Taxpayer, Check the 2009-2010 Tax Bill- NOT!

Check your 2009-2010 Tax Bill

Anyone who would like to judge a certain editorial written by David Norman of Vernon Connecticut, can start the analysis by checking out the accuracy of certain statements written in the editorial, to do this you should click on the above Town of Vernon web address, then go to the 2009-2010 tax bill page, type in Norman, you will not find a David or a David J or a David Jacob Norman as a real estate property taxpayer in the Town of Vernon. This is all public information.

We would like to make sure you use the system correctly. This gentleman does not even own a car in town. WOW, I cannot believe nobody checked facts on these editorials. Especially in a situation when someone is claiming the Mayor is dishonest. Mr. David Norman needs to take a look in the mirror and check who he is really talking about.

Check your 2009-2010 Tax Bill
Check your 2008-2009 Tax Bill

Click on either of the above, then type in the Search Field: norman

You will not see a David Norman, you will not find a David on the page, David does not own property in Vernon, and David does not pay real estate property taxes, not even car taxes. You do not have to believe any of this, maybe the web page is a hoax, so please call the assessor tomorrow and check.

Shame on you David Norman. This is not your first silly letter to the editor.

PS: I recived a question about why this response is writtem the way it is- here is my response:

Just to be clear- the basis for Mr. Norman’s argument is that he paid higher taxes. While there is no requirement that one needs to pay taxes to vote (unless you are not registered to vote but own property in Town and want to vote in a referendum- in which case the ability to votes is contingent upon property ownership), decision making for voting purposes based upon taxes going up or down, as opposed to other reasons like party affiliation or ideology or just not liking someone, should be assessed on merit instead of half truths. I don not suggest that someone votes only based upon party affiliation, but some try to argue other issues becasue they are only concerned with party affiliation.  Hence since Mr. Norman does not own real estate, you cannot check the facts that form the basis for his argument that his taxes went up as a result of a budget that passed, therefore it is not possible to debate the issue. If someone relies on a statement by another, like Mr. Norman in this case, and that is an important part of the decision making process for that someone- items like taxes and voting have corresponding values for some people, as well as statements that may tend to attack credibility, as they can act as a double edge sword. Assessing a conclusion requires testing the facts that underlay the conclusions. If he is saying he knows of a property which the taxes "payment" had increased he should say so. Then we can test that statement, as some increases in real estate tax payments were due to a 1/3 increase in the assessment for real estate. The distinction is draw between real estate and personal property like automobile specifically because automobile remained constant based upon a state wide standard valuation, as opposed to a neighborhood by neighborhood valuation or a property that is newly built with no change in the valuation, thus the decrease in the tax rate lowered car taxes. But Mr. Norman does not own a car either. If Mr. Norman really does not like my ideology or my party affiliation as a republican then he should say so, instead of creating a fictitious situation where he tries to mislead folks into believing that I raised taxes on his real estate, and therefore I am not being truthful in a statement dealing with a “tax rate decrease”.   I do not know Mr. Norman that is why I looked to see why he was making that statment in his letter to the editor.  I did find an old editorial he had written.

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