April 15, 2009

Town Budget To Go Before Voters

Vernon Budget To Go Before Voters

The Hartford Courant
April 15, 2009

Vernon -Residents will have their say on a proposed $76 million budget at a town meeting April 28.The town council approved the $76 million budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year late last week by a 7-3 vote, sending it to the annual meeting.

The $76,089,866 budget represents an increase of 0.85 percent over the current $75.5 million spending plan. The proposed budget is an increase of $638,264.General government increased $380,696, or 1.52 percent, to $25,468,149. The board of education budget increased 0.3 percent, to $45,835,932, after Mayor Jason L. McCoy reduced $300,000 from the board. The board will be meeting over the next few weeks to determine exactly where those cuts will be made.

This is the final year of a three-year phase-in of the town's 2006 revaluation.

Under the proposed budget, the tax rate or mill rate is reduced by just over 6%.

The annual town meeting, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the Rockville High School auditorium, will determine the budget unless residents petition for a referendum. Last year, the budget passed on the first try.



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  1. Hang in there Mr. Mayor, it appears that you have done the best you can to keep revenue up and costs down. Are your bare bones yet?
    The really bad thing is the reevaluation which came at the height of the markket and homeowners are saddled with that last third of the increase. As soon as possible, there must be another reevaluation to bring the real estate owners back to a realistic basis upon which this .85% will be measured. THAT SHOULD BE THE HIGHEST PRIORITY OF THE FUTURE ADMINISTRATION AND COUNCIL. Jim Hoover